My name is Yvonne Coers, I am born in the Netherlands and live in the South of France since 1997.

My passion is making clothes, I already started sewing at the age of 14. My mother, a former seamstress, passed on her passion for sewing to me. I was so enthusiastic and eager to learn that I spent most of my free time behind the sewing machine, experimenting new sewing techniques and making my own clothes.

Today I am still making my own clothes, but I am also like any other woman … I love shopping! But whenever I buy clothes there is always something I want to change on it. I  want to make it shorter or tighter or I add or take away a detail. And I LOVE doing that, because this way I make it unique and perfect for me. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do this, and therefore I want to give other women also the possibility to personalize their clothing.

In 2010 I decided to turn my passion into profession.  After a short period in Fashion Design I started taking classes directly from local independent fashion designers with French Haute Couture experience. In 2012  I created VON COERS, a made-to-measure clothing line in which you can personalize your garment. This way it will be unique and exactly the way you like it!  My goal is to create clothing in which you feel comfortable and look beautiful!

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